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Once the different species have been ellaborated they can be presented in different ways:

  1. Overlayed
  2. Fish are disposed in lays separated by thin plastic layers.

  3. Interleaved
  4. Similar to overlayed but disposed in "X", so the different pieces do not touch each other.

  5. Wrapped
  6. Every piece individually wrapped in cellophane.

  7. Chorizo (Big sausage)
  8. Fish meat compressed (no fish bones, nor skin and less water) pressed in a plastic cilinder as it was a chorizo. Each piece weights 1,5kg and is 650mm long and 105mm diameter.

  9. Fish Block
  10. Also known as steak, same process as the chorizo, but in blocks.

  11. Fillets
  12. With or without skin, no fish bones and frozen by means of contact.

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