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It all began in Aldán, in 1914, year in which don Wenceslao Gandón Casal was born in the midle of a family of a fishing tradition, thus his father Avelino Gandón Juncal, was a little shipowner of that time, with two small trawlers (The Delfina and The Santa Mariña) and a small watersteem boat (The Manolo Gandón)

Don Wesceslao got married to doña Esperanza Menduíña, in 1936. The same year he became skipper of Santa Mariña.

In 1937 he was recruited for the army and, as a consecuence of a problem with an officer, he was sent to prison for a long time where he was taught to read and to write by a teacher who was also under arrest.

Once the military service finished, don Wenceslao came back home in 1939. Fishing in his father's small boats, he turned to be one of the best skippers the area. During these years, switching seasons in land and sea, he could achieve the skipper qualification in 1941.

After being working in several ship operators and many years saving money, he gave his first step as a shipowner in year 1945, in association with mister Pérez Pan he built the Wenceslao. This society did not last for long and mister Pérez Pan took the boat and Wenceslao the fishing tackle.

It is not until 1951 when don Wenceslao made his dream come true building his own boat. The launching of the Morocha was the real origing of our company. It was a wooden seiner of 19m lenght and a watersteem engine, although it had a sail, and it was allocated to sardine and tuna fishing. As for sure, any of them, nor Wenceslao nor the Morocha thought that it was the beginning of a new big company but it was indeed.

During the following years the company built other three boats.

  1. First, the Gandón Menduíña, allocated to Grand Sole fishing until it was sold in 1981.
  2. The Ría de Aldán, also for the Grand Sole, was built in 1970.
  3. In 1973 the Ana María Gandón, first freezer ship of the company, was built.

Since 1974, Wenceslao retires from fishing and runs the company from land, until 1980, when their sons relieve him.

You can find more detailed information about the ships mentioned before in our ships section.

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