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Arrecife 9, 36940

Cangas de Morrazo

Pontevedra, España

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Family Character

Our power is our people. Since the begining to present days, Hermanos Gandón has always been a big family, not only because family realtionship among their founding members, but also beacuse of our commitment in extending that family atmosphere to those who work with us, offering support and help in everything that's possible

In a field characterized by labour mobility, Hermanos Gandón S.A. has always pledged in fidelising their employees, and so that we are very proud that 40% of our staff have been working with us for more than 10 years.

The result is a great human group, formed by qualyfied and experienced professional people, who are our major guarantee of future.

Enterprising character

One of the most highlitening characteristics of our company is the enterprising character,as in technology field as in searching new fishing grounds and new fishing possibilities.

This aim of searching for new fishing grounds led to the capture of new totally unknown species and the neccessity of opening a new trade market for them.

Hence, in the technology field, in 1981, we enlarged Ana María Gandón ship, up to 4m, which means an enlargement of loading and autonomy capacitieswith no raising in costs. That enlargement was one of the first taken, in a time when everybody doubted about the success of the operation.

According to the philosphy of having polivalent ships which could be adapted to all kinds of fishing:

  1. Ana María Gandón ship was enlarged once more, this time up to 10 metres in 1986.
  2. Punta Robaleira ship was enlarged 16,5 metres in 1992.
  3. Aldán ship was enlarged 18 metres in 1998.

Every time that problems arose in a fishing ground, the company has looked for a way out exploring new and unknown ones:

  1. In the last months of 1989, when the Spanish boats were expelled of Namibia, our boats were pioneers in taking a chance in NAFO fishing ground and getting Greenland Halibut, unknown species with no commercial value at that time.
  2. At the same time, we also made more attemps:
    1. Esperanza Menduíña boat was working as a factory boat in Iran seas, getting and frozing prawns of excellent quality.
    2. Playa de Mourisca boat was working as a factory boat in Greenland seas, getting and frozing the fish that were caught by eskimo people in their canoes.
  3. When Halibut war ended, it was neccessary to look for new fishing grounds outside NAFO. These were Barents Sea, Hatton Bank and Irminger, and, as before, we were one of the first companiesn taking a chance over there.
    1. Esperanza Menduíña was one of the boats that took part in an experimental campaing in Barents Sea.
    2. Sea Bass fishing at Irminger is done by means of pelagic arts, a new way of fishing not even used at that moment by any Spanish boat. That fishing modality recquired a great investment and adaptation. Initially, three boats were prepared, with Esperanza Menduíña among them.
    3. Hatton Bank also represented a new fishing ground with new and not very well-known species to catch. This way, our boats were pioneeers there and brought species like Blue Ling, Catfish and Roughead Grenadier and Baird's Smoothead, a completely new species.
  4. We have also been in places as New Zeland, Mozambique, Angola, the Faulklands... searching for new licenses.
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